Aug. 28th, 2014

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Hello again! I have another hair retexture to share today, in an attempt to make my Dreamwidth a little less, um, empty.

Newsea Orange Nami has basically become one of my favorite hairs ever. It's versatile and very, very cute. And I believe it looks very nice in V3!


(F version, pictured in Pooklet's Brisance. Additional Previews: Powdercake (M), Hydrazine (F).)
(Using Sims with wings is a bad idea for previews, guys. I'm sorry.)

Hair is available for all ages and genders (thanks to Trapping!). I believe this version uses an alpha-edit by Almighty-Hat (her versions are available here (f) and here (m).) Comes in 30 colors (swatch!), naturals and unnaturals are binned and familied, grays are custom. (Colors that you do not want can be removed regardless of familying, as it should just treat the remaining colors as if they aren't familied!)

Download! (F)

Download! (M)
Credits: Newsea (Original Mesh), Trapping (All Ages & Gender Conversion), Almighty-Hat (Alpha-Edit), Pooklet (Colors & Textures).


(M version, pictured in Pooklet's HMX. Additional Previews: Torpex (F), Control, Child Age, Toddler Age.)

Hair is available for all ages and genders. This is the original TS3 mesh by Newsea, although I enabled all ages of the mesh for M Sims because this hair looks alright on them. This version does not utilize the TS2 alpha-edit, as the mesh is higher on the head and I thought the extra strands made it look more, um, natural at that height.

Download! (F&M)
Credits: Newsea (Mesh), Pooklet (Colors & Textures), awT (adjust-shine action).

I have three more retextures/recolors ready to go, so hopefully I can get those uploaded in the next few days or so. Furbyq out!