Aug. 29th, 2014

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Hi! It's hair time again. I'm slowly working up the courage to post some picture sets (I have a TS2 survivor challenge in the works and some TS3 silliness as well), but until then, have some unnatural recolors of Io's gorgeous retexture of Trapping's conversion of Modish Kitten's Shag Hair!

TS2 Recolors

(Pictured in Pooklet's Nitroglycerin. Additional Preview: Pyrodex.)

Available for F Sims, all ages. Comes in all of my normal colors (8 naturals included redundantly, for completion's sake). Swatch. Original mesh by Modish Kitten. Conversion by Trapping can be found here, Io's retexture/alpha edit and recolors can be found here, and a complete set of naturals can be found at Digital Angels' tumblr at the bottom of this page, in case you'd like more colors.

Credits: Modish Kitten (Original Mesh), Trapping (Conversion), Io (Retexture/Alpha Edit), Pooklet (Colors & Textures).

TS3 Conversion

(Pictured in Pooklet's Incendiary. Additional Previews: Fluorophore, Control, Hydrazine.)

I had to transfer Io's edit over to the original mesh, because it was fantabulous. Available for teen-elder and I enabled the mesh for M Sims (and I really wish it was that easy to do so for TS2, because look how majestic this friggin' hair is on Lucien, rocking the Hydrazine). Modish Kitten's original version is available here, in case you'd rather have that one.

Credits: Modish Kitten (Mesh), Io (Retexture/Alpha Edit), Pooklet (Colors & Textures), awT (adjust-shine action).