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Well hello. An anon requested that I recolor Lilith's blush hairlines, and since I've been thinking about doing those for a while now, I couldn't not oblige.


(Hairline 1)

(Hairline 2. Also sorry I picked hilariously poor hairs to showcase this hairline on, lol.)

Both sets come in the 30 colors that I use, which are very similar to Pooklet's V3 color system, apart from slightly different naturals (molotov and brisance instead of explosive and depth charge) and no dark unnaturals apart from tnt (because they don't work with my version of Photoshop, lol) or hangfire (too close to semtex for my liking). Here's a swatch. I reimported the natural colors that I use so they'd show up in the catalog next to the unnaturals. I also fixed the eye hair on the second hairline, which was caused by a wonky alpha.

Lilith, for the hairlines I recolored. Any other credits that apply to those also apply to these.
Pooklet, for the colors, as always.

Download! (hairline 1)
Download! (hairline 2)
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