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Hey, anyone need eyes? Because I have a lot of them to share today.

These eyes are all mutilated versions of eyes from Mouseyblue's Lucky Mix set. I resized them to the same dimensions of Jesstheex's Keep It All Inside eyes, which are my main set and defaults. I applied a darker iris ring to all of the eyes, put them on Pooklet's sclera, and aligned them to face forward instead of to the side. All eyes only come in geneticized and townified versions, because I accidentally screwed up my custom backup. All files are also compressed, saving a whole 15kb! Yay! Also, I realize that some of these have been recolored before, but I hope my edits are different enough? Just let me know if any of this is uncool or something, I'm so out of the loop it isn't even funny.

Eyes: Mouseyblue.
Sclera: Pooklet.

Also credit to Jesstheex for KIAI eyes (which are also edits of a Mouseyblue eye weirdly enough) as I used them to resize my eyes and add an iris ring.

There are 49 unique eyes in Lucky Mix, so I just did recolors of the 16 eyes I really liked. I just resized the 32 eyes I didn't recolor, and I left one eye (Carpet) out completely because I didn't care for it. Also, there is a bulk download at the very bottom if you don't want to download them all individually.

First up are the eyes I recolored! All of these come in compact sets, having three to eight recolors each.

Download Magnum Recolors!

Download Barber Recolors!

Download Cirrus Recolors!

Download Eleven Recolors!

Download Telescope Recolors!

Download Free Recolors!

Download Cyclops Recolors!

Download Clockwork Recolors!

Download Mountain Recolors!

Download Dragon Egg Recolors!

Download Thousand Recolors!

Download Drum Recolors!

Download Watercolour Recolors!

Download Naive Recolors!

Download Possessed Recolors!

Download Magnetic Recolors!

And now onto the leftover eyes! There are no in-game shots of these, as there are 32 of them, so the swatch method is a lot more practical. I sorted them out by eye color, to make them less of a solid chunk of assorted eyes.

Download Lucky Mix Extra Eye Edits (Brown)!

Download Lucky Mix Extra Eye Edits (Green)!

Download Lucky Mix Extra Eye Edits (Blue)!

Download Lucky Mix Extra Eye Edits (Gray)!

Or You Can Download Every Single Friggin' Eye Here!

Aaaaaand one last bonus thingie, here's an edit of Sugarandcaffeine's black sclera blush overlay, resized to work with all of these eyes and retextured with Pooklet's sclera to give it more...depth?

Download Black Sclera Edit!

And that about does it. Let me know if there are any problem with any of these files or this post, as there was a lot of shit to keep track of and I am not good at that sort of thing. Also nobody mention the word "eye" to me for the next few days, I need to recover from the eyepocalypse I have released upon the world.
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