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Hello all! So I decided to start a legacy, mainly because I was bored. Radwick is kaput, as I installed JM Pescado's director's cut and for some reason it glitched out the asylum, regardless of the fact that it didn't seem to affect anything else. Weird. I may try to rehash it later by moving everyone out and back in, but for now, new project time!

This is our legacy founder! The somewhat familiar Scarlet Ramsey, whom I made for the September GOS Challenge. She is a gorgeous neutral witch extraordinaire, a Virgo (8-5-5-0-7), has Fortune/Family aspiration, likes brunette plantpeople and dislikes our robot overlords.

I of course got a little ahead of myself and moved her in before building her a house. Whoops.

10 minutes later, Scarlet's grounds are graced by a shitty starter house.

I'm fairly happy with my decorating, but I think I spent way too much on prettifying the rooms. Scarlet is unable to afford a couch because of this, but oh well.

Scarlet: Dear diary, today I moved in and a tiny house appeared from fucking nowhere.

Scarlet: Perhaps it was the work of gnomes!

Scarlet promptly gets to constructing reagents to sell so she can properly furnish her hovel.

Scarlet: There isn't enough magical paprika in this shit. *shake shake*

Scarlet: I can't believe the nerve of this magically appearing house not having a dining table. What kind of unlazy witch do you think I am?

I decide to send Scarlet out on the town to make ~friends~. And wow, there's just so many choices on where to go.

I send her to Nameless Hangout, the most descriptive of community lots.

And there's a ton of townies just waiting in the front room watching football and the cashier is way too fucking excited.

The restaurant portion of the hangout has the most interesting pirate/hippy/alien chef I have ever seen.

And the barkeep just kind of stands here awkwardly because I moved the bar against the wall while decorating and forgot to move it back lol.

Barkeep: Who am I to deprive patrons of an unobscured view of my magnificent butt?

Gorgeous: Go team!

Vander: I'm just too hipster to know anything about sports.

Scarlet immediately heads for the arcade machines in the back, because she has great taste in games. Because A-maze-ing Matey 2: Pikachu's Revenge is a great one.

Hey, aren't you going to, um, socialize?

Scarlet: No thanks. I'm good here.

I surreptitiously instruct Scarlet to go sit at a table with Marquelle, in hopes that maybe she'll make a good legacy spouse. Alas, they have absolutely no chemistry bolts.

Scarlet: Wow, that is some blue goddamn hair.

Gorgeous: Hellooooo ladies.

Gorgeous: Hey Marquelle! Marquelle. Marquelle.

Marquelle: Sorry, I have to go.

Scarlet: Oh, okay, I guess this conversation really bombed.

Aaaaalll by myseeeeeelffff, don't wanna be aaaaallll by myseeeeeelfff.

Natsuki: We should start a blue hair club! I can be president and you can be my vice pres!

Vander: How about read my pocket.

Gorgeous: So are you doing anything later tonight?

Marquelle: I don't know. Hopefully you.

This is just the most ridiculous cashier, seriously. Look at that flat top.

Gorgeous: Hah! Look at this loser I just poked!

Natsuki: Oh my god, she poked her on the bust!

Vander: Poked her on the bust? Oh my!

Marquelle: Maybe I should try my luck with mermaids. They're probably nicer than fire demons.

Gorgeous: Bitch, do you even folklore? Lyra will eat your face off.

I have Scarlet scope the room and she immediately turns around, despite everyone in the damn room being in front of her.

Scarlet: Well, if things don't work out with a person, that wall sconce looks rather nice!

Scarlet: Hey, Ondine is fucking hot!

Hell yeah, she is. Go talk to her.

Scarlet: But I'm no good with talking the words stuff! :O

Scarlet: But I'm much more of a modern sorceress, not like that douchebag from Fantasia who wore the pointy hat.

Ondine: You're a witch and you don't wear a pointy hat? That's the lamest thing I've ever heard.

Scarlet tries her luck with Gorgeous, and they also have absolutely no chemistry lol.

Ondine: How dare you talk to someone who isn't me even though I ended the conversation!

Gorgeous: Wow, that Ondine sounds really whiny. You should push her off of a boat.

Scarlet: Isn't that like, murder?

Gorgeous: Only if there are sharks.

Gorgeous: So she didn't think you being a witch was cool, huh? Unfortunate. How about telling her a joke instead?

Scarlet: I don't know any good ones.

Gorgeous: Well, try this one. So there's a clown trapped in an elevator with a barrel of lube...

Cashier Von Flattop: Fucking redheads bein' lazy and shit. I hate this job.

Scarlet: Hey baby, you're looking fiiiiine.

Ondine: How dare you, you cad! I've never been more offended!

Scarlet: Wow, cringetopia.

Cashier Von Flattop: I love this job.

Marquelle: Does the carpet match the drapes?

Gorgeous: I could ask you the same question.

Scarlet: So there's a clown trapped in an elevator with a barrel of lube, and...

Ondine: That was the most disturbing joke I've ever heard, but HAH I say. HAH.

Ondine: But I cannot bare to look at you.

Scarlet just heats a TV dinner up on the stove, like normal people do.

Day two of spouse searching/simolean grinding begins!

~Reading books~

~Painting whistling squids~

I have Scarlet call up Ondine, because today has not been a very productive day.

Scarlet: Want to do something tomorrow night? Maybe take over the world?

Night two at Nameless Hangout. I'm beginning to think that Vander secretly lives here.

Scarlet: Wow, cool alien chick.

And look who showed up to play Pokemazing Matey!

Scarlet: Hugs?

Ondine: No hugs!

Scarlet: Your lilac hair looks very...lilac tonight.

Ondine: Teehee, how sweet.

Scarlet: But I'm still adamantly anti-pointy hat.

Ondine: Ugh, don't bring that up.

Scarlet: So do you maybe want to go back to my place tonight?

Ondine: We're done here.

Scarlet drowns her sorrows in a full box of poptarts, lightly singed on the stove top.

I have her make a shitload of Viper's Fangs or whatever to sell, effectively raising enough money to finally buy a couch!

She calls Ondine again, talks for hours.

Then reads upon said gaudy couch.

I have her study the neutral magics because I want her to learn magivestigium or whatever it's called. Teleporting witches! Yay!

Paperperson: Well, hello.

Scarlet: Damn it, stop phasing through my front door.

Ondine is much more receptive to Scarlet's flirts the following night! I think it's because they finally reached best friend status.

Scarlet goes right in for the first kiss, effectively cementing a mutual crush between them, but not love, as they still have less than 70 long term points.

Scarlet: Oh, my little pastel-haired love biscuit.

jfc, you just had your first kiss. Don't fucking attack her.

Valence: Damn it, we aren't lined up properly.

Vander: Well, that couldn't be taken out of context.

Lycaena: So is this like a date?

Gossamer: Hey, you just sat there of your own accord. I'm already stalking seeing someone else.

Anabelle: Despite never exchanging words with her, I irrationally hate that Scarlet and have stolen her ghost newspaper!

I finally have Scarlet invite Ondine over, as their relationship score is mega high at this point.

She moves in with little protest and brings a ton of money. Which is odd, as she was very much townified.

I use said money to build Ondine and Scarlet a little store to run in the front of their house, selling reagents.

And I give Ondine a little makeover, although I don't know if I like this hair on her or not.

Also, a dining table. Finally.

I immediately put all the reagents in Scarlet's inventory up for sale. Their first customers are very, um, interesting?

Random Townie: I just don't know if I'll ever need Viper's Essence.

Ondine: But you don't know that you won't need it.

Random Townie: Gosh, you've convinced me.

Random Townie: Do you have to be so slooooow?

Ondine: This is harder than it looks!

Ondine: I don't know if I care for this whole home business nonsense!

Well, too bad.

Scarlet: Holy crap, an actual table! :D

Scarlet: Love biscuit, I have a very important question for you.

Ondine: Go on, shoot.

Scarlet: Will you marry me?

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