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So anyways, after the last update, I realized there was a problem with my neighborhood. My main neighborhood was pretty old. Like, I'm pretty sure I generated it like two years ago and didn't play it a lot until the Ramseys. Anyways, I've since moved Ondine and Scarlet to a new neighborhood that is identical to their old one, mainly just because I was seeing a few weird things in the old one and it's better to move the family before they have any kids.

And before we really get started, here is a little tour of their new house.

Scarlet and Ondine's bedroom. Uses a lot of furniture from their old one because I didn't really think I could improve on it.

Study/computer room.

Living room aka the place with all the shelves for reagent selling.

Child/teen room.

Kitchen/dining room.


Hallway. And for some reason I didn't take any pics of the nursery, so I guess I'll get to that when it's actually being used.

Scarlet and Ondine immediately break the new house in with unabashed PDA.

And rain-watching.

And then he showed up. This is Jules Pereira, president of the gardening club or what-the-fuck-ever. He proceeded to just settle the fuck in like he was part of the family or something.

Oh, come on, Ondine. You have to love Scarlet for who she is, a badass neutral witch who peddles dragon scales.

Although considering this is how you pass your time, I don't know if I necessarily respect your opinion.

Jules: Jeez, couldn't you have bought a firmer couch?

Oh, I'm sorry. I was under the impression that this wasn't your house. I guess I was wrong.

Ondine: You look fabulous, random person who just showed up in our house!

Jules: Wow really? I was worried that the Nosferatu sweater was a little too obscure.

Jules: This couch is just right.

Awesome business lady matchmaker shows up for the first time in this 'hood. Pooklet is pretty awesome jsyk.

Ondine: I must hide my secrets, lest Jules use them against me.

Jules: I don't know, these monster pictures are pretty cool, but I somehow think that a cheap poster of a vanilla Sims 2 sim would be better.

Jules: I really enjoy our family dinners, you guys. *snarf snarf*

Scarlet: Who the fuck are you?

Ondine: To answer your question, it probably wouldn't take an entire barrel of lube.

Jules: You know, no one else has ever given me a real answer.

Jules: Blegh, can you play that piano, like, better?

Ondine: I wouldn't make her angry while she's in range of a piano. She'll play you out of the room with an angry crescendo.

Jules stayed around so long that I had to give him a makeover. And after said makeover, I developed an odd attachment to him and decided to move him in because what's the worst that could happen? If nothing else, he's like a free nanny for future Ramseys.

Needs to step up his mac and cheese game though.

I finally got the Ramseys' store up and running in this neighborhood. I soon found out that having the cash register beside the front door was a bad idea.

Sascha: I don't see myself ever really needing a bowl of dragon scales.

Ondine: What are you talking about? It's a center piece, or an important ingredient. If you pour out the dragon scales, it could even be a hat!

Then for some reason I gave Jules this hair aaaaaand look at how pretty he is! *_*

Jules: Ugh, I can't stand people who overstep boundaries and eat other folks' poptarts like this.

Ingrid: Yeah, because you've never done anything like that, right?

Celeste: No spitting, hm? Let's see how they like this! *hock*

Ondine: My ears! My beautiful ears!

Zenaide: Could you be any slower?

Scarlet: Sorry, I lost my gold cashier badge in the move.

Scarlet: ...so do you and that other chick use the same dye?

Gorgeous: Hey, I used Supernova first. And it looks damn good on me.

Scarlet: Crazy weather we've been having, huh? Like, uh, clouds...and sunshine? And, um, ...rain? Sometimes?

Jules: Yeah, I wish this game was more like Spore. Or Starbound, maybe. Acid rain.

Jules is like a piano prodigy or something. Either he came in here with creativity points that I just didn't notice, or he's just really good.

I just want to point out that this dog, which was randomly generated, is named Macedonius. Macedonius.

So I had enough screwing around and decided that we needed some Gen 2 action. Ondine of course turned on the hilariously retro stereo to supply some smooth Simlish tunes while she and Scarlet got it on.

Ondine: Damn it, who turned on that stereo? I can't sleep with this racket.

Scarlet: This picture of Yggdrasil is pretty cool, but a picture of multicolored balls would really tie the room together.

Ondine: One picture of multicolored balls, coming up!

Scarlet: Can you please keep it down? I'm making reagents.

Jules: Can't talk, pwning noobs.

Scarlet: Did you do something new with your hair? It's gorgeous.

Jules: No, your hair's much prettier. It's all green and stuff.

Ondine: Damn, those tacos really didn't agree with me.

Y'know, one of the reasons that I can't hate Jules is that he's the only one around here that's ever actively helpful. See those bills? They probably wouldn't have gotten paid if Jules hadn't got them.

Ondine: Wow, that pop really distracted me. I'm just going to stand in the middle of this doorway until I can recollect my thoughts.

Jules: God I wish I could read what I'm writing. Damn blurry clipboards.

Yes, I make my sims actually learn to restock instead of deleting and replacing things. I'm a rebel.

Scarlet: Oh, Henry Merrivale, what sort of adventures will you get up to next?

Okay Jules, that's strike two. One more burned pot of mac and cheese and you're out of here.

Scarlet: Just getting used to sitting in the nursery. Y'know, for when the little one arrives.

Are you kidding? You're a sim. Sims don't sit in the nursery and watch babies. You're supposed to sit in the dining room and watch Ondine.

Jules: I really enjoy our family time you guys.

Scarlet: Yeah, whatever you say, James.

Ondine: I just feel so fortunate that my maternity jammies color-coordinate so well!

Scarlet: I wonder if there's any way to turn all this piano playing into money?

Too bad this isn't Sims 3, or you could probably fit it in your pocket and take it to the park.

I find it kind of hilarious that the only place for Jules to sleep is the Gen 2 kids' room. Plot twist, Jules is the Gen 2 heir.

Ondine: Wow, you're getting really good at that, honey! It's a good thing I never doubted you.

Scarlet: We're going to have a talk later.

Scarlet then decides to start sleeping in Jules's bed like she's saying MINE ALL MINE THIS BED AND ALL BEDS ARE MINE.

Jules: So have you decided what you're going to call that baby yet?

Ondine: I don't know. What about Spaghetti?

Ondine: Maybe we should take a trip after the baby comes? Possibly some place romantic?

Scarlet: Well, maybe, but I don't think we could fit Jules in a suitcase.

Jules: You see, a piano is like a beautiful lady. You have to finger her keys and play with her pedals.

Ondine: I think I can handle that.

Jules: Wait, no, a drum would make more sense in that simile. Because you have to bang it.

Ondine: Why are you over here again?

Ondine's dress doesn't have any sorts of morphs jsyk. Either that or she's hella good at sucking it in.

Jules: I don't want to sleep in the same bed as Ondine. What if that thing burrows out of her like an alien? Who do you think it'll go for next?

Speaking of which...

Say hello to Morgan Ramsey!

Jules: This is honestly the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.

Jules: And you got goo all over the sandwiches. Ewww.

Jules: But yeah, woooo!! and stuff.

Ondine: Why does this freak live with us?

And that is all until next time! Wow I don't know how to end updates. Goodbye.

Date: 2014-10-26 04:23 pm (UTC)
sixtylilies: a man in a captain's hat looking above himself at the word 'BOOM' with absolute delight. (nemesis)
From: [personal profile] sixtylilies

no not really obviously but i find the fact that you moved him in hysterical and jules himself curiously charming

also i bark-laughed a lot throughout 8D

Date: 2014-11-19 03:19 pm (UTC)
aquilegia: (Default)
From: [personal profile] aquilegia
*sneaks in*

*reads legacy*


No seriously I lost my shit at Scarlet saying she doesn't think they could fit Jules into a suitcase. It's hilarious and charming that he's like, the family mascot or something. XD