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We begin this update with Scarlet enjoying dinner and a view.

Gen 2 needs some variety. Scarlet seems all too happy to oblige.

Ondine: You know one of the things I hate about being a legacy spouse? Being a baby factory.

Jules: You what I hate about being the legacy mascot? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. :D

I have Ondine start on Scarlet's portrait, or more specifically, the immortalization of Scarlet's goofy grin.

Goddamn, I think I might've overdone it with the colors in the kitchen. *__*

Morgan is mostly ignored (by everyone except Jules) and left languishing in her own filth.

Jules is literally the only one who's trying around here. He's the only one who autonomously looks after Morgan. 

Ondine breaks the sink and literally no one in this house has any mechanical points.

So Ondine just kind of beats the sink until it decides to work properly. I've always been astounded that this method seems to work.

Jules: gdi you guys, this isn't where the baby goes. >:(

Jules: Baby on the flooooor. Into this world we're born, onto the floor we're thrown. Baby on the flooooor.

I think this update may just be the "Scarlet makes this scary-ass face in every picture" update.

Ondine, you do know that the bottle goes in her mouth, not her fucking philtrum, right?

Jules: Can you GTFO? I have to pee something fierce.

Scarlet: You leave the door open all the time, but this is too far?

Jules: It's the principle of the thing.

Jules: Hey 'Dine, I can't find my handcuffs. They're pink, fuzzy. Have you seen 'em?

Ondine: Uhhh haven't seen anything remotely like that.

Morgan: *thrashes impotently in crib*

Scarlet is better with the whole "aiming" thing, at least.

Scarlet: Hey, love biscuit, could you hold the spawnlet?

Ondine: Hold up one sec.


Ondine: Okay I'm ready for the spawnlet now.

Scarlet: Check the floor.

Scarlet: This is Jules's favorite couch, y'know.

Ondine: That just makes it hotter.

Jules: My couch senses are tingling.

Ondine: What should we name this one, Scar?

Scarlet: idk. Poptart?

This is why I don't let you guys name the kids.

Ondine: This isn't our normal dish soap! Did you think I wouldn't notice? 

Morgan grows up into a green-haired cutie! *__*

Jules: I'm pretty sure I could just walk out of here with this toddler and they'd never notice.

Don't get any crazy ideas until I've ruled Morgan out as an heir. 

Scarlet: Mmmm... Gorgeous...

Ondine: I've had that dream too.

Morgan: I am so forlorn that my teeth have detached themselves through my jaw. :(

Here's Ondine, looking more definitely repollinated.

I fucking hate it when sims stuff their face while other sims continuously queue up "serve food" tasks. idk if that's what's happening in this picture, but I still hate it. >:(

Scarlet: Are you ready to ride the train?

Ondine: CHOO CHOO.

Spawnlets grow incredibly nigh.

Jules has max creativity so he kind of just hangs out in the kitchen, waiting to prey on unsuspecting piano players.

Jules: Yeah, you do it kind of like that, just with less sucking.

Scarlet: I swear to glob, Jules.

Ondine: So how about them skyscrapers, hmm?

Scarlet: ...I'll be right back.


So apparently there are two gen 2 kids in the works simultaneously. It's efficient, at least.

Jules: This isn't out of the ordinary at all. I sit in this room all the time.

Scarlet: Good lord! These pajamas are hideous! ...but strangely comfortable.

Morgan actually learns a life skill (or maybe two, I can't remember exactly)!  I'm feeling kind of doubtful that her siblings will fare as well. /o\

Behold, Ghyslaine Ramsey, birthed by Ondine. 

Jules is all over this multitasking thing. One eye on Ghyslaine, one on Morgan.

Normally three would be enough for one generation, and I'd put birth control on using Inteen. However, Scarlet and Ondine's genetics have been so interesting thus far, I decided to let them have one more go.

Astoundingly, Scarlet actually helps out with Ghyslaine. Possibly only because I told her to. /o\

Macedonius logic: walk through the entire house to go howl at the front door. 

Morgan: Jules, I require cuddles posthaste!

Jules: I should've never taught it to speak.

Morgan: I am overcome with the need to DANCE. 

Jules: I am proud of my legacy.

Um, that ain't your kid.

Jules: Are you sure about that?

Scarlet is looking chalk-full of sproglien chest bursters about now.

Jules: So what do you think of Scarlet's store? It's a complete bust, huh?

Cavan: Totally. She doesn't even mark whether her dragon scales are free range or not.

Scarlet: Oh my god my insides have fucking inverted themselves!

Cavan: Overdramatic much?

And this is Odette Ramsey! 

Morgan decides to have her birthday at the same exact time. She's still a mega cutie. 8D

Cavan: I'm not quite sure what upsets me more; the baby on the floor, or the mayonnaise on this sandwich.

Cavan: I am very unhappy!

Scarlet: ...why?

Cavan: Your sandwich-making skills are sub par! ...also there's a baby on the floor.

Zénaïde: No spitting or smoking? What is this, the land of no goddamn fun?

Zénaïde: But there is spaghetti. I like spaghetti.

Morgan: What does it mean when you "punch someone's time card"?

Scarlet: Where'd you hear that?

Morgan: From Zénaïde.

Scarlet: How dare you fill my child's head with borderline filth! 

Zénaïde: What are you going to do about it? *flicks nose*

Morgan: *uncontrollable sobbing*

...yeah, I'm gonna be hitting the old dusty trail. 

But then there was dancing and everything was better.

Gen 2 heir sleeping space occupants: Morgan, Ghyslaine, Odette, Jules.

Jules: Do I seriously have to do everything in this house? ffs.

Pretty townie: *is pretty*

Cavan: I appear to have gotten lost in this relatively small house. 

Cavan: Ugh, these useless dragon scales! Why do I keep coming back here?

Macedonius: *walks through entire house to get to the front door again*

Here's Ghyslaine as a toddler! I like how different she and Morgan look.

And we'll leave off this time with this very quaint image of Jules and Morgan usurping Ondine and Scarlet's bed.

idk when the next update will be ready. i've been trying to do at least one per month, but it took me a while to get this one out b/c my commentary brain wasn't working very well. i haven't been playing a lot but i have at least two more updates worth of pictures cropped and ready to upload, so hopefully it won't take too long to get another update out! /o\
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