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Posting the full set of Cosmic colors up here for organization's sake. Also so that any changes to the colors in the future can be edited in here without breaking Tumblr reblogs (I'm rly paranoid about that okay).

NEW 1/3/2015 UPDATES: Added Volume III, Naturals, and Grays.

New version includes two new grays to complete the natural set. One is a blue-tinged cool gray called Eclipse, the other is a yellowish warm gray called Asteroid.


(Linked because HUGE)


Naturals Preview.


Grays Preview.


Unnaturals Preview.

I'm not planning on continuing to use Aether, as I don't have a full family for it. it still looks like this, and is included in a rar called "extra actions" which I may add to in the future.

This is for anyone who hasn't installed actions before, as I've had some folks asking about this in the past. To install Photoshop Actions, just click on the .atn file(s) provided in the rar below, as doing so should instantly add them to your Actions list. If that doesn't work, manually move the .atn file to your C:/computer name/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/ Photoshop/Presets/Photoshop Actions folder and use the little arrow on your Actions dialog to open the file. If anyone has any more questions about this contact me on here or on Tumblr and I'll try to help. :) Google may be more helpful if you have a different version of PS than I do, though.

Usage & Policy.
These actions are specifically designed for hair, but can be used on anything like any other action. I am okay with anyone using these to create new actions or TS3 presets based on these. Feel free to shoot me some links if you do anything with these, as I like seeing them in use. :D

I would ask that you do not redistribute these anywhere else unless my link goes down. If it does go down, please let me know and I'll fix it asap.

Pooklet, because their colors inspired me to make mine, and also for letting me know how cool gradient maps are.
Io, as I examined her Ennead actions in order to build my naturals more effectively. 
Sundriedsims and Magpieplayssims for testing the first batch of actions for me.
Dragonbloodrei for giving me some advice on how to make Void and Starshine better.

Download Cosmic Naturals.
luded colors: Spacecraft (warm black), Planetary (red brown), Moonlet (pale blonde), Martian (deep red), Satellite (cool black), Galaxy (golden brown), Sunspot (dark blonde), Comet (light red), Eclipse (cool gray), and Asteroid (warm gray).

Download Cosmic Unnaturals.
Included colors: Wormhole (rosy purple), Interstellar (yellow teal), Celestial (cyan lilac), Supernova (pink orange), Void (teal violet), Constellation (vibrant green), Starshine (yellow orange), Meteor (red pink), Gravity (blue violet), Atmosphere (green aqua), Orbit (gradient blue), Nebula (purple pink).
(Edit: All of the previous Cosmic unnaturals are the same apart from Celestial, which has been edited to make the roots less discolored.)

Download Cosmic Extra(s).
Included colors: Aether (forest green). Planned additions: bright orange color called Corona.

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