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Jules: Oh jeez, what's up with this baby?



Ghyslaine: Aha! I have mastered your attack, crab! Fear the claw!

Special family bonding time: potty edition.

Why can't anyone hold this baby right? You're not supposed to hold them at an angle!

Ugh I give up.

Ondine (Again):

Odette has a birthday! I take an unhelpfully dark picture complete with part of the popup included in the frame!

I think out of all the kids so far, Ghyslaine is the prettiest, but Odette is a better combination of their parents.

Ondine: Mmmm Scarlet. I'd eat her pop-tart if y'know what I mean. 

You guysss.


Oh wow guys two scarrings for the price of one. Very efficient!

Jules: This bag of trash represents my hopes and dreams, dying in the prison that is this house.

jfc you're the one who moved in here of your own effing accord.

Ondine does most of the work. Scarlet gets the achievement.

Scarlet: Hooray! I helped!

Jules and Ondine have a day of role-reversal where Ondine is the helpful one.

And Jules is the one that splashes around in puddles outside during a thunderstorm. 

Party hard, little sim.

Ondine: *invisipregnants*

Scarlet: Huzzah! Witch powers!

Ghyslaine digivolves into Cutiemon.

Jules finally gets his own little nook in the study, as the gen 2 bedroom is filling up.

Ghyslaine: You remember that one time when you potty-trained me?

Scarlet: Dang it, not while I'm eating spaghetti!

Ondine: *not-so-invisipregnants*

The nursery gets converted into a bedroom for Morgan, since she's the oldest and the kids' room is full up.

And then I realized that Scarlet and Ondine never got married. So of course, I had to remedy that with a small living room wedding.

It was truly glorious. Even with spawnlets lurking in the background.

Being an awesome self-made apothecarian, Scarlet plays her own goddamn reception.

Ondine dances a little too hard. Spawnlet's like "fuck this shit, I'm out of here".

Ondine: Damn it! I got amniotic bullshit all over my wedding dress!

Ondine: Damn it uterus, you can sew some fine ass mousey pajamas.

First appearance of sibling clones in this legacy. This is Bianka, who is, as far as I know, a perfect clone of Ghyslaine.

Then one of these buttholes hid the bills on this froggy shelf and their shit almost got repo'd.

Odette: Aww, I miss being the baby. :<

Don't worry, little dudette, you're still one of my favorites. :3

Jules: My gold cashier badge brings all the sims to the line, and they're like, your cashier skills are fine.

Ghyslaine is a good sim and doesn't let her homework pile up. Morgan, on the other hand, is trying her best to hit the ceiling.

Scarlet: This unconscious baby is an immovable force field that blocks my way!

Then just, like, go around her. Goddamn.

Odette is abnormally cute, despite being slightly wall-eyed.

This is where I moved all of the nursery shit, btw. It's just against one of the dining room walls since one baby doesn't really take up a lot of space.

I think this gives Bianka more interaction with the others because someone's always boogieing in this area.

Jules has 10 creativity points. Scarlet has like, 6.

Scarlet: I think it would be better if you did it like this! Listen to me, I know what I'm doing!

Scarlet's tiny portrait is now done. This legacy is all kinds of official now!

And since the easel's not being used for legacy stuff anymore, Ondine gets to work on supplementing the household income with lots of tiny paintings.

Odette still somehow brings in more money than her parents, playing football like the violent princess she is.

Ghyslaine is also like, crazy gorgeous. I still don't entirely know who will be heir. :O

Jules: *suddenly gets off of the couch and rolls a want to become a werewolf*

Oh, I see. Your werewolf senses were tingling. That makes sense.

Jules isn't going to become a werewolf though, because I have other, more sinister plans for him. >:3

Scarlet: Wait a second, who are you again? Are you one of my kids?

Jules: Um, yeah. Let's go with that.

Morgan is super close to Jules and takes on a lot of his interests, including piano-playing.

Oh god no you doucheballs

...well okay, but I still have my eye on you.

Ghyslaine is incredibly lazy and sits down to dance. She is basically me.

Scarlet: And don't you ever do that again, young man! Now go to your room!

And I'll never know what Jules did to piss Scarlet off because I wasn't paying attention to them at the time. I can only wonder.

Jules: One of these days I'll spread my wings and fly far away from this house!

You know, you moved in here basically of your own accord. Now you're stuck here.

Postguy: This is the worst goddamn job! Mailbox, help me!

I swear, Lemon is going to get married into this legacy at some point and there are going to be some pretty yellow-haired Ramsey babies.

Also Jules is the picture of professionalism.

Odette takes after Ondine and tries painting.

Ghyslaine takes more after Scarlet, I think. Rocket ships, yay!

Scarlet: *rocket senses tingling*

I think that jumping on a bed that is attached to the ceiling is just tempting fate.

Jules: Gosh I love how you wear your hair!

Ingrid: Wow I know right!

Ghyslaine and Odette play rock paper scissors to see who will be heir.

Odette: Haha! It's going to be me, Ghys-LAME!

We'll see about that.

Morgan grows up into the swankest of pajamas.

Then she gets a makeover and suddenly joins the race for heir.


Bianka still remains the lone definite spare. That hair is damn cute on her though.

By the next update it will become painfully obvious who the gen 2 heir is! I've long since decided and now I have some catching up to do! :3
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