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Morgan: Damn it, Jules, no one invited your butt to dinner.

Jules: You're just jealous.

Morgan rolled Pleasure/Family so now she's obsessed with taking care of Bianka. Which is mostly a good thing.

She's still my fabu princess also. I do wish I had had some super femme pjs for her at this point though. She did get some later on iirc.

Morgan: You want me to read to you again? Okay, I'll go get the Sneetches.

Bianka: I don't like that one.

Morgan: You're just jealous cuz you don't have stars upon thars.

Aww shit we're going to get plundered.

Luckily someone was apparently up to call the cops so someone shows up to throw down with robberdouche.

Officer McMullet: I'm afraid you're coming with me, you dastardly thief!

Robberdouche: Awww maaaaan. Mullets are totally out of style.

Officer McMullet: Well, the bad news is that they stole like 5000 simoleans worth of your shit. The good news is that they didn't steal this baby, so I guess that's something. Now my mullet and I must go fight more crime.

They stole whichever painting was on this wall so I replaced it with this one. The macabreness really ties the bright ass room together.

But that rapscallion also stole the piano. The nerve! >:(

Also this painting. They stole a lot of stuff, okay.

And that's the story of how I bought this burglar alarm. I think it's a beautiful story. Lots of twists and turns and heartbreak.

Odette: I wish they would've stolen Ghyslaine because she won't get out of the friggin' bathroom!


Ondine: OMG that's my favorite song~

Scarlet: Can I help you with something?

Morgan: Damn it, how does Jules always make it look so easy? My fingers just won't do what I tell them to do!

You're going to have a lot of problems later on.

Morgan: ...and then the hero found a magical xylophone. Can you say "xylophone"?

Bianka: Why are you trying to teach me goddamn silent X words? I'm 3 and a half years old!

After space becomes an issue, I begin building the second floor of what will soon become known as Ramsey Manor. Of course, I ran out of money before I could finish it.

Morgan: Gosh, an F. So embarrassing.


Morgan: How about...no. *stomp stomp*

Morgan: Now I'm a pirate! Pirates don't care about Fs! They just care about ARRRRS.

Ondine: C'mon. Say "Ondine".

Bianka: Can't I just call you "mother"?

Ondine: On second thought, I want you to call me "Captain Ondine".

Ondine and Scarlet: oh no, Bianka mustn't know our secrets !

Morgan: I am extremely worried about this baby.

Jules: I am more worried! This is my worried face!

Odette: *bounces*

Specter of Death: *looms*


Random really dark picture. May or may not have missed being brightened. /o\

Scarlet: Dang it I can't stop thinking about that one time that robber took our piano.

Ghyslaine: But we got a new one.

Scarlet: The old one was better!

Oh jeez.

This friggin' Ghyslaine.

Ghyslaine: Oh how the tables have turned. :/

Scarlet is something like 7 days older than Ondine, so I gave her a little life juice to even things out.

Bianka: I'm queen of the dance!

Jules: The chess table must not know my secrets!


How do you even heirrrr

With the completion of the second floor, Jules gets a proper room that shows off his personality.

And this is what the house looks like from the outside now! Most of the other second floor rooms are still empty.

I think the pics got sort of out of order, just imagine Jules's room has already been made over in this picture.

Odette is the least expressive sim I've ever had. She is seriously stone-faced in nearly every picture I've taken of her.


Ghyslaine is a giant ball of cuteness.


Scarlet: That happens a lot. :/

Odette: ;~;

Since she's quite a bit older than the others, Morgan gets sent away to college a little earlier than her sisters.

Jules: *eats pop tart in hallway, aggressively*

Bianka finally catches up to the others! And her hair is so intense that it tries to fade into another dimension.

Prompting me to send everyone else off to college.

Morgan Ramsey
LTW: Have 50 Dream Dates
Sagittarius 6/2/10/10/7

Ghyslaine Ramsey
LTW: Become Media Magnate
Cancer 8/5/5/6/6

Odette Ramsey
LTW: Become a Prestidigitator
Pisces 4/5/8/6/7

Bianka Ramsey
LTW: Become Celebrity Chef
Cancer 8/5/5/6/6

I made over one of the Maxis dorms, so all of the dorms are pretty similar and have most of the same furniture.

This is Morgan's room.

Bianka's room.

Ghyslaine's, which is my favorite of the four.

And Odette's.

Morgan: Ugh, these shoes clash with my hair. :<

Being a knowledge sim, Odette is the only one who really cares about getting a good GPA.

Ghyslaine sneaks into Odette's room a lot to watch her TV.

Last time on "Toddler Stuck in the Middle of a Field"...

Morgan: Do you remember that time that dastardly robber stole our arcade machine?

Yeah, you never had one. Now you guys are inventing scenarios in which that burglar stole more stuff than she actually did.

Morgan and Bianka immediately become the arcade-machine-playing cool kids.

Ginger Dormie: Gosh, I wish I could sit over there with the cool kids!

Odette and Cow Mascot seem to be plotting world domination.

Ghyslaine: Twin tickle party!

Bianka: We aren't twins.

Ghyslaine: We might as well be.

Odette continues skilling in order to become the smartest sim on campus.

That face oh my god.

Odette chooses Physics for her major, Bianka rolls with Culinary, and Morgan goes with Drama. Ghyslaine never rolls a want to choose one and gets stuck with Philosophy.

Most hilarious picture of their entire college experience. 

Alien Pirate Streaker: Yeahhhh! Boogie down!

Morgan: This is what college is all about!

Bianka: I should probably read that book... But it's so far awaaaay.

In the end, my darling Morgan doesn't cut it as heir. ;~;

She's only really entertaining as the foil to Ghyslaine and Bianka's antics, and I can't be bothered for double heirs in generation 2.

There's still something about Ghyslaine I really like, and admittedly she was my first choice for heir, but...

Odette ends up taking it because holy wow she's gorgeous.

Bianka isn't even considered because she's a Ghyslaine clone lol. Also I overuse Meteor a lot I know. /o\

Anyways next time on the Ramseys: the presumed start of gen 3!

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