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So immediately after the conclusion of the last update Jules started being a bug and pissing me off and I sort of killed him.

Devoured by flies in a doorway. Such a majestic death.

And then Jules was just a pile of dust.

Basically I haven't played zombies in years, and while going through some old legacy pictures I came to the conclusion that someone needed to be a zombie. Although I considered Ondine... Jules is funnier.

See! He looks fine with it.

Aaaaand fabulous.

So in true legacy fashion, Odette began her intrepid quest for booty. I can't remember what this lady's name was, or if I actually called the matchmaker to find her. I can tell you right now, she was not The One.

Now everyone's jumping on the zombie bandwagon apparently. Don't tempt me, Odette.

Green alien lady is pretty cute after a makeover.

You fucking dorks.

There is something about the pic that is fucking terrifying to me.

Scarlet: Yeah, well, zombies can't have kids.

Jules: Neither can your face.

Scarlet: Remember that one time you got an A+?

Odette: Don't you fucking start with me.

Business matchmaker yet another appearance!

Scraping the bottom of Malady Valley's proverbial barrel. Ewww wedge-flops.

Odette: I don't know about this one.

Date: Whatchu talking about, I'm pretty fiiiine.

After a makeover, she's much more presentable! And her name is Solfrid.

Odette: I prefer pursuits of the mind, Solfrid. What do you like?

Solfrid: idk, cats and stuff.

They're pretty cute together, ngl.

But I don't really know if Solfrid has the genetic material I'm looking for, given that she's a template. :/

Also she wasn't very receptive to my bbs sweet moves. :<

So we head back to everyone's favorite generic community lot!

Odette is apprehensive about the appearance of rain, but I'm fairly sure that rain is like the third most romantic thing in the universe.

In the Nameless Hangout, Odette meets one of my favorite sims, Keira Monaghan. No immediate bolts, which sort of worries me.

Odette: I fucking love what you do with your hair.

Keira: lol yeah

So I have Odette scope the room.

Keira: What the shit is this girl doing searching the other side of the room? I'm the hottest stuff here!

And she latches onto the only married person on the entire lot. Infamous for appearing in this mess with his wife Urseline.

Several moments later, Keira gifts Odette an expensive-ass pancake TV.

Prompting their chemistry to properly kick in. Two bolters! Good enough.

Morgan shows up at Nameless Hangout!

Odette: Ew you dork, don't embarass me in front of my future girlfriend!

You. Mother. Fucker. You couldn't even handle zombification! >:(

ngl, Keira's fucking pretty.

Yay! The date was a success!

Sometimes the lighting in Nameless Hangout gets fucky.

Ondine becomes a sassy older lady!

She's still p cute.

I have Odette come back home and yes Solfrid is still here.


Odette gets a tiny makeover to utilize a fluffier hair.


Ix-nay on the ombie-zay ucking-fay.


Odette: I have some regrets.

Ondine: Get out of here, zombie! Shoo!

Jules: EXCUSE ME, don't take that tone with me. I'll have you know I'm this close to becoming the legacy spouse.

No you're not. You are officially this legacy's eternal zombie nanny. The zamny.

Solfrid: Hey I don't think this is going to work out.

Solfrid: So I'm going to make up bullshit stories and stomp angrily off of the lot. That'll show that Odette!

Keira shows up like a ninja in the middle of the night and delivers another TV. I don't know about this one, it doesn't look like it utilizes pancake technology.

That is Odette's room, Scarlet.

Scarlet: This is my house. They are all my rooms.

Jeez Ondine, what happened to you? :O

Ondine: It's been a bad night, okay! Don't yell at me!

Ondine: I'm fine, okay. Stop following me.

Zombie anti-gravity mac and cheese powers activate!

Odette: mmmm mmmm.... Gorgeous Wyrick mmmm...

You've never even met her.

Why does everyone seem to congregate in Odette's room? Her bed isn't any better than theirs. I've checked.

Scarlet becomes an avid gamer later in life. Odette's legs are also here.

I had Odette invite Keira over the next day and she showed up, looking fabulous as always.

Keira: Wait why'd you leave my date rose in the rain?

Odette: That's not your--- I mean, I uh, shiiiit.

Odette: My beauty is such that it clears skies and stops the rain.

Odette and Keira's hair becomes one tangled Meteor-colored mess.

Scarlet ages up and for some reason the game gives her Ondine's makeup. Fucking hell this is terrifying.

I set things straight tho.

Business menu what r u doing

Business menu stahp

Keira is fucking loaded it seems.

Also moving her in brings the date meter up all the way!

Odette: I like this! Also I am now part cat. Meow.

Keira: I too have cat eyes! Purrrr!

I have seen true sim beauty. It's name is Keira Monaghan.

Odette can u not

I have made it a specific point to not change either of their hair colors.

They are one of those couples now.

Keira: Hole was this biiiiiig!

There are a lot of pictures of Keira's face and I really don't have anything else to say about it.

Scarlet is a very regal witch elder. And also one of the three sims I have that this hair works on b/c she doesn't have a mondo forehead.

Odette: I'm gonna fix this piano!

Keira: I'm gonna stand back here and not help at all!

Odette: We need to find a new place to store our industrial-sized barrel of lube.

Keira: What about Jules's room?

Chimes were heard. Kidlets are forthcoming.

Odette: Oh god this pillow is EATING ME.

Odette: But I have an important question for you: Will you marry me? Also will you please stop this pillow's reign of fucking terror!?

Keira: I fucking do!

And then they immediately exchanged rings because I'm impatient.

Jules: But what about meeee?


Ah, married bliss.

Jules: I may have to kill her.

Jules: I am going to grind you into a fine paste.

Keira: Cool, a zombie!

Ondine: I've still got it!

Keira: Do you know anyone from Night of the Living Dead?

I didn't even know Keira had a job or even what she does. It explains the money at least.

Ondine starts dyeing her hair. Looks v nice.


Jules: *plays piano angrily while staring at Keira*

Scarlet: This family isn't dysfunctional at all!

Jules: You like what you see?

Odette: Since when do zombies poop?

I'm pretty sure by this point, both of them are pregnant.

Also Keira is apparently a fucking air marshal or something.

Jules is friggin' everywhere.

I get frustrated when the plumbing breaks b/c none of these jerks know how to fix anything.

I decide to let Jules date a little to bring him out of aspiration failure.

And I accidentally removed Pooklet's matchmaker default b/c I was rebuilding my defaults folder.

Jules: Matchmaker! I demand the sexiest of dates!

Matchmaker: That'll be 5000 simoleans.

Jules: ...what will 150 get me?

Matchmaker: Hmm...

Matchmaker: How about a bland construction worker?

Their date was so bad I didn't even cap anything. Let's forget all about it.

So I had Keira keep her job. This gives them a definite source of income and keeps Keira away from Jules.

Odette actually begins showing and I take a very dark picture!


Bad sim *sprays water* BAD!

Old Ondine is one of those sims that I can't seem to find the perfect hair for.

Before Pooklet released their new sclera, I took to using bugjartimedecay-off's blush version of AlfredAskew's sclera because I wanted animation. I am so picky when it comes to eyes it physically hurts sometimes.

Odette: Is this the right bed?

Keira: Dear diary, I'm going to vomit profusely now.


Keira: My dearest, now we become one.

What the fuck is wrong with you two?

I try to take another pregnant Odette picture. It is literally the worst one ever.

Jules: Sweet, Odette's alone. Now's my chance!

Odette: *enters feeding frenzy*

Odette: *gets more food in hair than in mouth*

Jules: A change of plans, sim god!

I will fucking fight you.

I finally read the note on Keira's original dream date flowers. It's fucking beautiful. ;~;

Keira's shirt doesn't have a pregmorph so she gets a makeover.

The nursery gets a trippy makeover! I put two cribs in there b/c I was like, there can't possibly be more than two. I'm fucking silly sometimes.

Good thing I did too! Odette's about to EXPLODE.

Wow, Keira. That looks painful. :O

Keira: I'm stalking you now.

Keira: Don't mind me, just... looking at pictures that only I can see.

Keira: This picture is exquisite.

Keira: But not as exquisite as my hot wife.

Ondine gets fucking swole.

Keira: Dat smell.


Keira: Jeez, who pissed over here? Who would do something like that!? Certainly not me!


Oh gosh TWO OF THEM.

This is Brigitte.

And for some reason, Odette then went outside to deliver the second baby, Cosma.

Scarlet: Woo grandchildren!

Ondine: I'm excited as a peach.

I aged them up the next day because ew babies. The left one is Brigitte and the right is Cosma.

Jules: The sexiest part of you is your braaaaain.

Odette: You zombies are only interested in one thing.

Brigitte: Fuck stairs?

Cosma: Fuuuuuck stairs.

I forgot I put all of the babby stuff in the kitchen after the last gen. Only now does it seem peculiar.


Cosma is neglected and passes out on the floor.

Moments later, Brigitte also passes out and everyone surrounds her like this is the fucking Children of the Corn or some shit.

My heart breaks for you two.

I'm pretty sure Scarlet and my intervention are the only reason either of these kids eventually get put in their cribs.

Ondine begins super heir portrait part two! Which is unfortunate given that I've lost this house and this will have to be redone.

Babies part two: the babening.

Goddamn it


This is Enzo. He got Ondine's eyes recessively. 8D

And this one is Adara.

Date: 2015-05-11 09:16 am (UTC)
aquilegia: (Default)
From: [personal profile] aquilegia
*finally catches up*


I don't know why I always get attached to the weird hangers-on but OH NO JULES even if it means he can lurk in the background foreeever

Date: 2015-05-11 10:40 pm (UTC)
aquilegia: (Default)
From: [personal profile] aquilegia
I actually had to catch up on a few months of updates to get up to speed. (I started reading and then was like "wait what who are these people" and realized oh yeah, I'm behind!)

I wonder if zombie Jules will end up the next Almond Fritter, haha. At least he's not related to anyone...?

Date: 2015-05-11 07:39 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hello I Love your new update and thoes babies are cuties but just wanted to ask where can I get the Pastel wood walls in the first pic of this post the one that says The Ramsey Legacy Gen 3 Part 1?