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So I started a survivor challenge a while back in my old neighborhood, Violet Hollow. It's since been moved to a different neighborhood but that change won't be reflected until about 100 or so pics in. /o\ For the uninitiated, 7 of these fuckers are going to die and the survivor is going to be rewarded with riches and rainbows. Or something like that.

Anyways, onto the survivors. This is Gorgeous Wyrick, badass half fire demon.

Nashoba Benally, resident hunk.

Zeal Ammest, troublemaker, aspiring bass player.

Cavan Brinkerhoff, timid mischief mongerer.

Callixe Vert, studious aspiring fashion designer.

Aureal Snyder, pastel goofball.

Marisol Aiza, animal loving sugarpuff.

And Indigo Briscoe, boundry crosser, resident holder of "most psychotic face" award.

In every survivor challenge I've ever started with an easel on the property, someone immediately bogarts the easel. This time it was Gorgeous.

Marisol: My gods, this book is interesting but I really want to know more about this couch arm!

Zeal: Okay, if we join hands now we can successfully summon the demon Ba'al.

Cavan: Like, can you just play kicky ball like a normal human being?

Indigo: Oh no! Now the ceremony is ruined!

Nashoba: I am very stoic right now. This is my stoic face.

Nashoba: And this is my phasing through other living beings face! Boooooooo!

Marisol: Dear diary, I'm the only person in this house with 0 romantic chemistry with anyone, this is the bullest of shit.

Wow hobby townie those are some bold fashion/hair choices.

Hobby Townie: Can I join? I mean, I've never summoned a demon before but I have seen the movie From Beyond and I'm pretty sure that was about demons.

Nashoba: You pissant that movie wasn't about demons it was about a mad scientist and vaguely demon-like sciencey things.

Callixe: I'm sorry, friend, Nashoba was out of line calling you a pissant.

Hobby Townie: That's actually my name. I'm Pissant McGee.

Callixe: Um

Indigo: idk if you know this but I have a fairly fantastic butt. It probably deserves an award.

Nashoba: Do go on.

Gorgeous: I stg you slap me again and I will eat your soul. :) :) :)

Gorgeous: No romantic chemistry with anyone? How tragic.

Marisol: Stop reading my journal! These are personal thoughts!

Marisol is the first to make food after a few snafus with the fridge placement.

Marisol: *pokes meat with finger* This is how I do it, right?

This matchmaker is officially my favorite. Those ginger brows tho.

Gorgeous: I would eat your heart in a second, sweetheart.

Marisol: That is exactly what I'm going to do to this sandwich.

10 hours into the first day and three-fifths of the survivors still do not realize that the house exists.

Marisol is just abnormally adorable. *v*

Gorgeous: Cavan is as attractive to me as a pile of filth. And usually I like piles of filth.

Devious eyebrows bro.

Callixe: I'm just going to throw this plate out because fuck doing the dishes, am I right?

Indigo: Your back smells nice.

Nashoba: bro

Aureal: My brightly colored alien heart has fallen for your brightly colored demon hair.

Gorgeous: That happens a lot.

Indigo and Nashoba sleep in the upper floor bedroom together (in separate beds) despite the earlier awkward stairs encounter.

Aureal: Zeal just took this bed I wanted. Would it be easier to find another bed, or murder her?

Marisol: MY gods, this book is nothing but unrelenting filth! I love it!

Marisol: Filth, Callixe! It's so tantalizingly horrible!

Callixe: I need to be somewhere else bye.

Marisol: Now that she's gone I can read it out loud.

Gorgeous continues to develop her artistic talents.

Gorgeous: No no no, this girl with butterflies on her face is all wrong i just can't picture it in my head right.

Callixe: Why are you in here? And why do you have superglue and a jar of butterflies?

Gorgeous: Callixe wouldn't go for it, so it's good you're here.

Marisol: God damn it.

Callixe: Wow, this kitchen cabinet is a work of art.

Shirtless Nashoba: *plays the piano, shirtlessly*

Nashoba? More like no-show-butt.

...I'll see myself out.

Marisol's pajamas are the cutest thing ever.

Cavan: Me and my flowing flaxen locks haven't been shown enough in this update.

I'm like 90% sure that Zeal has 1 neat point.

Case in point, sponge-bathing.

Cavan: I think I like Callixe. What should I do?

Cavan: Stalk her while she's sleeping? Okay, will do!

Aureal and Zeal form what is perhaps the most colorful couple I've ever had. Aureal is a romance sim so it makes sense for her to hop back and forth between Zeal and Gorgeous.

Cavan: Mmm that's some good chili.

That's...not chili. It's mac and cheese.


Nashoba and Indigo also pair off. Which is nice because they're cute together. owo

Aureal: Indigo? Meh.

Aureal: My booty senses are tingling.

Nashoba: I don't know why the pages are stuck together. You'll have to ask Marisol, she's the last one who read it.

Cavan: Oh my god, what if Indigo can read my journal? Even though I'm way back in this corner and there's a bookcase between us WHAT IF THEY CAN SEE THROUGH BOOKCASES?

Aureal: Mmmm I love sports. So deliciously violent.

That is honestly not the OTH I expected you to have.

Cavan: I made poptarts!

You mean you toasted some poptarts.


Marisol: This is some weird-ass chili.

You shouldn't-- I mean-- Uh-- Ahhhhhh.

Gorgeous: When looking for suitors, the "stand in your underwear in front of the stairs" trick has never failed me.

Callixe: That newspaper is grungy and dirty, Aureal. Throw it out!

Aureal: SPORTS

Marisol: Tickle tickle!

Cavan: I can't receive tickles from anyone who disgraces books like you do!

Gorgeous: Good, good. In the long run there will be more tickles for me!

Marisol: Damn it, I spilled root beer on a book one time. JFC you people never forget anything.

Cavan: You're a sim, and I'm a sim. Why don't we get together and...be two sims?

Callixe: Handsome and witty? Where do I sign up?

Marisol: It was one time!

Marisol decides to release her ~inner artist~.

Indigo: I don't think we've actually had a chance to talk. I'm Indigo, and you are...?

Aureal: SPORTS

Indigo: Your hair is so beautiful! What shampoo do you use?

Nashoba: L'oreal; because I'm fucking worth it.

Gorgeous: Why do these pages stick together so ferociously?

Indigo: I'm completely head over heels right now.

Nashoba: And I'm tongue over finger.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but this lot has a bigass pool. Callixe seems to be the only one who knows it exists.

Hobby Townie: I am sports hobby townie, cousin of the art hobby townie you met before. My name is Peon McGee.

Cavan: Mmm that thing that's blocking my path sure smells nice.

Cavan discovers the pool but is too chicken to use the diving board.

Bawk bawk ba-kawk.

Cavan: Your taunting doesn't faze me because I met a chicken once and they are scary as fuck.

Cavan: Oh my god I'm going to die

Gorgeous: My romance sim senses are tingling.

Marisol: This painting is a commentary on squids and our cruel practice of making them whistle for our amusement.

Cavan: I can do this I can do this I can do this



Indigo: My hair drapes to the left.

Marisol: My hair drapes to the right.

Marisol: *unholy belching noises*

Cavan manages to get in the pool when I'm not paying attention! Gahhh I wanted to see it. I bet it was hilarious.

Cavan: Nah it was cool

Sure okay yeah.


Chill. I just forgot to add a ladder.

See? All fixed.

Gorgeous: I don't know what to make of that Indigo. They are the only other sim with plumage bright enough to rival my own.


Cavan: So tired of this pool bullshit.

Gorgeous: Sooooooo... You doing anything later?


Marison's butt. I don't know why this picture exists.

Cavan: Are you okay, Callixe?

Callixe: Foolish human, I have been invaded by the demon of pools! Submit to me and be spared!

Callixe: Just kidding I got chlorine in my eyes.

Zeal: Damn Cavan if you were a taco I'd eat your beef.

Callixe: Excuse me??

Callixe: Get the fuck back. This taco is mine.

Zeal: It was all a devious plan to have this couch all to myself.

Marisol: This is actually an accurate representation of my soul.


Indigo: I don't think it's that bad but I need to keep up appearances.

Indigo: And I need to GRAB DAT BOOTY.


Okay not a lot happened in this update but it was over 100 pictures. I really need to stop taking pictures of every little thing but gosh these idiots are so entertaining. ovo

In the next episode: They move to the swamp! Someone dies! I like yelling!

Date: 2015-10-10 06:51 pm (UTC)
sixtylilies: animated icon of gengar clapping its hands delightedly. (gengif)
From: [personal profile] sixtylilies
pissant mcgee i;m gonna piss myself i swear

>10 hours into the first day and three-fifths of the survivors still do not realize that the house exists.

yeahhh that's p much what i remember from my survivor challenge too

>Marisol's pajamas are the cutest thing ever.

:"> thank

basically i cackled a whole lot this was gr9

Date: 2015-10-10 07:36 pm (UTC)
datapeach: (Default)
From: [personal profile] datapeach
wow, first of all, all your sims are so...pretty!! i don't want them to die! ;o; tho i gotta say Marisol IS the MOST adorable!

Pissant and Peon McGee... i think all hobby townies should be named like this!

lol i have never seen a sim read a newspaper so long it went bad in their hands.

how funny would it have been to have your first sim die in a survivor challenge because you honestly forgot the pool ladder. they only ever die that way on purpose! that would be a feat.

GOSH i wish i was as funny as you are when i try to caption my gameplay pics! and pls don't stop taking so many pictures!!!!!! (unless you want to) i'm so guilty of playing on 3x speed and missing EVERYTHING!! it's nice to see so many pics and commentary!
i can't wait for the next one! ^u^

Date: 2015-10-11 02:07 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Indigo: My hair drapes to the left.
Marisol: My hair drapes to the right.

^^^i had been thinking this same thing earlier in the update!

am ready for more shenanigans asap!

ps this is from twofee, i dont have dreamwidth.

Date: 2015-10-14 04:03 am (UTC)
getmygameon: (bakura dirty thoughts)
From: [personal profile] getmygameon
I have Indigo in my game right now. He's prettiful 8D Mebbe he'll make some prettiful bbs later w someone!

Poor Indigo. Yes, it is the 'Bullest of shit' as you say but it's not you...it might be your sign - or your personality :p

Nice giving your bottom a boost up indigo XD

Do you have a certain default for your matchmaker? I want something different besides the gypsy look D:

Pfft! (Gorgeous about a comparison of a pile of filth)

Nice to see where your priorities are Marisol LOL ^^

That happens to me too Gorgeous but with writing not painting - I can't paint worth a fuck!

*throws a pillow at you for that horrible no-butt joke* :p Terrible! Boo!

Well, Cavan let those flocks flow! \o/

Yep, bewbs out means very neat :p

D8 I'm blinddddd! TOO. MUCH. COLOR. Their babies would be all the colors of the rainbow! And they should name them skittles! \o

Aww isn't Indigo kewt going in for his first kiss :3 <3

Cavan...you have issues. Stay in that corner. You'll be safer there.

Those be some frilly undies Gawjus! 8D

Aureal is bitten by the sports bug and gives no fucks about anything else! :p

*throws another pillow at your for the Loreal pun* Staph it! \o

Cavan you suck!!! :O You just don't want to risk your flowing flocks!

Indigo, Marisol and no one gives two shits about your hair direction :p How about you suck on it?

I see you changed your mind Cavan. The water is your friendddddd 8D

aww damnit you ruined it by adding the ladder :p

Wow...and I thought I took a lot of pics; I'm a chicken compared to you in picture taking LOLOL XD