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Indigo: My nose! My beautiful nose!

Nashoba: Whoops lol.

Zeal: snarf snarf snarf


Marisol: Excuse me but can you not be a toad while I'm eating

Cavan: *chills near slumbering Callixe*

Indigo: I'm going to discover a planet and become a famous astronomer and then Nashoba and I will get married and move there and we'll call it Nashogo!

This is the point where I switched my eye defaults from my Stuck On You eyes to my Prism eyes. No ragrets.

Zeal: This is going to be some good mac and cheese!

Nashoba: I'm sorry to tell you but good mac and cheese is usually not as dark as the seventh circle of hell.

Nashoba: How could you just sit there and eat when I am devoid of a bowl.

Zeal: Oh my god it's like eating melted tires.

Indigo: So it's less of a salty and more of an umame?

Callixe: Just wandering around the front yard, looking for trouble.

Nashoba: "And then right before my eyes, the rotten corpse began to move as if it were alive once more!"

Nashoba: "Dr. West had indeed become some sort of Reanimator!"

At this point I took a bunch of head shots to showcase eye changes, because some of them had their eye colors changed.

But honestly Zeal is the only one that's noticeable, having gone from gradient orange-green to heterochromic green-brown.

The leader of the pack in Wonderland Swamp is called Trapeze. Like, that isn't even a name, it's a fucking object.

Callixe: Nothing gets me hotter than bathroom flirting!

Callixe: But don't poke my nose you buttlump.

Cavan: I'm sorry gentlemadame have I coaxed you into a snafu?

Callixe: So dank bro.

Indigo: "How to be a duck, lesson one. Pout your lips."

Zeal: Got it, what's step two?

Indigo: "Lesson two, become a duck."

Aureal: Ugh what do I even want? 2-D avocado or 2-D red onion?

Zeal: Damn it, Indigo, at this rate I'll never achieve my dream of becoming waterfowl and it's all your fault!

Indigo: Whatevs.

Callixe: Oh sweet mysteries of life, at last I've found you~~

Aureal: Me and Zeal make a much cuter couple than your normal boring-ass human dickery.

Cavan: I will burgle away all the things that pastel loser loves.

Shirtless Nashoba: *stands facing the wall, shirtlessly*

Aureal: Does my breath smell like mac and cheese?

Zeal: Um

Nashoba: Ugh, I'm allergic to alien lesbians!

Nashoba: Heyyyy

Nashoba: Whoops I smashed my face into your face again.

Indigo: You ruffian!

Indigo: You have five seconds to figure out where this claw is going.

Nashoba: Can I have a hint?

Indigo: It's between Saturn and Neptune.

And then the survivors were moved into Wonderland Swamp, making the title of this challenge much more accurate.

Zeal and Aureal were excited, but Nashoba remained characteristically stoic.

This is a swamp there is no sand what are you doing.


For some reason, Gorgeous and Aureal hadn't really done anything romantic after that first time in the old house. So of course, standing next to each other after the initial move-in made them suddenly remember each other's existence. I just hope Zeal is okay with it! /o\

Zeal: Are you kidding? This is hot as hell.

Cavan: I mean, when you're right, you're right.

Cavan: Fancy meeting you here on Swamp Beach.

Callixe: Want to build a swamp castle?

My first brush with what seems to be a completely normal polyamorous couple in the world of sims. Zeal also has chemistry with Gorgeous.

I'm going to point out that this art hobby townie, though surely not as ridiculous as Pissant McGee, is named Thankful.

Cavan: When we both get in later you should call me!

Callixe: We live in the same house.

Trapeze: Grr grr woof woof bark

Okay I lamented the loss of Ginger Brows but this matchmaker also has a lot going for her.

Nashoba is the first to discover the kotatsu. I'd honestly never used one in game before now so I was interested in the unique animations and such.

Marisol: You want me to eat Indigo?!

No. No I don't.

Marisol: But why???

Mac and cheese party! Because no one knows how to make anything else.

This is a sleeping pair that I am honestly surprised to see.

Zeal attempts to use the kotatsu but accidentally breaks her wrist.

I take a lot of pics of Nashoba. Just deal with it.

Zeal is the first to die. And to make it even more impressive, she dies from starvation while eating.

Cavan: Damn these dirty dishes are disgusting. Also, yeah, boohoo, Zeal is dead and that.

Nashoba: I'll pour you some more tea.

Cavan: I mean, fuck you. You think I can't pour my own tea?!

Nashoba: I'm not saying we can't play spin the bottle with a teapot, I'm just saying we shouldn't.

Cavan: JFC fence off these stairs! Someone could get killed.

And that would be so terrible.

Gorgeous becomes stink, destroyer of worlds.

Nashoba: It really is annoying to deal with a pearl necklace when you have hair as long as ours.

Cavan: Are we talking about the jewelry or...?

Indigo color-coordinates very well with this room. *v*

There is an abnormally helpful amount of autonomous cleaning going on around here.

Gorgeous: Ugh, even I wouldn't eat stank macaroni and cheese.

Indigo: Ugh I want to...eat it...but you have...a mod that won't....let me...urrgggrhgh.

Indigo: Fuck it I'll just make some sugar smacks.

Callixe: The kotatsu committee's first biweekly meeting is now in session.

Nashoba: I have somewhere I have to be.

Nashoba: I come from a long line of shirtless painters.

Gorgeous: These sugar smacks are great. It's sad we don't have them in the Fire Dominion.

At this point I remembered that I hadn't moved Zeal's urn and it was blocking one of the counters.

So I put it on the kitchen table!

Zeal: 'Sup guys?

Indigo: God damn it, Zeal. You're dead, be dead.

Zeal: Ahh sugar smacks debris, my old nemesis!

Nashoba: I call this painting "Grandma's button drawer".

Cavan: Fuckin' Aureal hogging the bathroom like "Oh, I'm Aureal, I like basketball and my girlfriend's dead".

I definitely don't regret moving them to the swamp. This lot is perfection.

But fuck sandcastles tho.


I forgot there wasn't a double bed at the old house so nobody's woohooed up to this point.

Indigo and Nashoba fiercely christen the bed.

Callixe: I wonder if you can snorkel in a swamp... Maybe I could meet swamp thing and we could go beat up white dudes in the 1980s.

Gorgeous: They say the banjo is one of the hardest human instruments to learn.

Gorgeous: I appreciate a challenge!

You fucking jerks stop building sandcastles.

Damn it Aureal, that sandcastle looks like ass.

Aureal: What do you expect this is a swamp.

Cavan: I motion that the kotatsu committee turns to a life of organized crime.

Aureal: But I've never crimed before! What would we even do?

Cavan: Why, steal solid gold bullion from snarky aristocrats, of course!

Nashoba: I can see into the future, and things don't end well for the kotatsu committee's crime spree.

Indigo: You can see into the future?!

Aureal: Yeah I'm really sad my girlfriend died but I have another so yeah.

Callixe: I wish this was an actual beach. We could get some swimsuit action going on!

Marisol: Ugh I wish I had a swimsuit but SOMEONE keeps procrastinating on making those dmab bikinis she keeps promising me.

sry :C

Nashoba: My gosh that Cavan is beautiful...

Nashoba: But no! My heart belongs to Indigo!

Indigo: Wait what's going on?

Gorgeous: Nashoba can you please die more quietly? I need my beauty sleep.

Gorgeous: Well you've gotten me up. I hope you feel bad about it.

Nashoba's urn also goes on the kitchen table. :<

Zeal: 'Sup.

Nashoba: Don't you fucking talk to me.

Indigo: I wonder what Shobie is doing right now...?


Date: 2015-10-12 01:57 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
i love the new swamp lot!!!!!!!!!! so pretty!
and i kinda like the little swamp castles, random and out of place yes but still cute. exception being Aureals.
gorgeous looks gorgeous rocking that banjo. good on you taking up that challenge!
also digging on your placement of urns on the kitchen table. unorthodox and possibly inconvenient (assuming you used omsps though) but totally makes sense in this crazy house. ps yay for sugar smacks debris, i do the same ;)
<3 twofee

Date: 2015-10-12 06:24 pm (UTC)
datapeach: (Default)
From: [personal profile] datapeach
yay, update! *o*

that first pic with Indigo and the telescope looks INCREDIBLY OMINOUS. then the next one is just, "oh hi i am so cute and innocent!" lol

i always forget how old the sims 2 really is, and then i see a picture of the inside of a fridge and i remember. >__< come on, that food just looks like stickers!!

ah, if only we could make the sandcastles darker, then perhaps they would look like slightly more appropriate mud castles? your swamp really looks amazing though, immersion-breaking sandcastles be damned!

oh noo, Zeal and Nashoba! makes me nervous for who's next... it's nice they're still ~around~ what with being on the kitchen table though!

also, i really like your new actions for picture editing! it looks so good!

Date: 2015-10-14 04:22 am (UTC)
getmygameon: (drink your tea)
From: [personal profile] getmygameon
*giggles @ nashoba's culinary critiq* XD Well...she does have a point ^^

and now reading at the table...like totally rude dude. People are TRYING to eat (or something >>;;)

OMGAWDS being a duck just became so clear 8Da

Aww poor Zeal; they had their heart broken about not being one with the duck; well you know what you can do then, can't you? F.A.D.

Nashoba, that wasn't nice to say! D: Alien lesbians are hawt!

I swear I will never not laugh at the butt grab motion XD

Polyamory will always exist in groups of strangers 8D

Really?! :O You've never used the tea table? It's fun although I've not used it in a while myself. I might make a tea room restaurant speaking of which...thnx!

Well at least THAT M&C doesn't look like the 7th circle of hell :p

Noooo Zealllll! D8

Make sure the teapot is empty if you wish to attempt that Nash :p

*will never stop laughing at pearl necklace jokes/innuendo* 8D

More like Star Trek Smacks with Mr Smock - I mean Spock - Marshmellows! Part of a nutritous breakfast!

You should put the urn on a shelf - you know...out of smashing distance :p

Aaah! Look out behind you! It's Jaws XXX! :O

You denied them the whoohoo? D: How could you?!

When you have a beach, you must build sandcastles! 8D Deal with it!

Dayum! :O Marisol called you out on no swimsuits!

NOOOOO D8 Nash! Indi will be so sad ;-;