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Hello! I come bearing gifts for anyone daring enough to find my obscure corner of Dreamwidth!

Raon F67 is one of those older hair meshes that I really like. It's a little wonky in places, due to being an older mesh, but it looks a lot better with Pooklet's V3 than I thought it would!


(Pictured in Pooklet's Firework. Additional Previews: Blasting Agent, Grenade.)

Mesh is for F sims, all ages, and is included. It comes in 30 of Pooklet's colors (here's a swatch!) and is compressed. The unnatural colors are binned.

Credits: Raon (Mesh), Pooklet (Colors & Textures).


(Pictured in Pooklet's Tetryl and Molotov. Additional Previews: Torpex, Control.)

But I also play Sims 3 and I wondered if there was a version of this hair for that game. Raon never converted the hair, but I did find this conversion by TumTum and decided to slap my retexture onto that as well.

I'm not quite as experienced with retexturing hairs for TS3, but I thought this hair looked okay! It has a little bit of texture distortion compared to the TS2 version, even with an HQ mod, but I think that is just a combination of the mesh being slightly reshaped and TS3 just being kind of weird like that.

Mesh is enabled for F sims, ages teen through elder. Hair only comes in package form, is compressed, and the control is adjust shine.

Credits: Raon (Original Mesh), TumTum (Mesh Conversion), Pooklet (Colors & Textures), awT (adjust shine action).

Hopefully these are useful for some V3 lovers out there! I've done a lot of hairs like this and I'll share them as soon as I get my folders better sorted. Also let me know if I screwed anything up, as these are the first things I've shared and I didn't really know what I was doing while coding this post.