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Hi hello hi. I recolored a hair that Almighty Hat retextured and after an anon inquired about it I thought I might share some of said recolors? idk?


(Additional Previews: Dreads, Nouk.)

Both versions come in 30 colors (swatch!) and work for all ages iirc. The naturals I use are included as they are reimported to show up in the catalog next to the recolors. Files are compressed. All of the rars include the mesh, so be sure to delete duplicates if you snag all of them. Also going to mention that blush hairlines work well with the F version, but not the M. It has some scalp issue I have no clue how to fix. :(

Meshes: EAxis (Original), Trapping (3t2 and Age Conversions).
Textures: EAxis/Trapping for the dreads, Nouk.
Colors: Pooklet.

The Nouked version was retextured by Almighty Hat, so all credit to her! (And if you'd like a full set of naturals, the F version of her retexture can be found here and the M version can be found here.)

Download! (F, Dreads)
Download! (F, Nouk)

Download! (M, Dreads)
Download! (M, Nouk)