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Hi hello. To commemorate the release of my color actions, I have done a little retexture of Alesso XO for everyone.

Hair comes in 34 colors. 8 of Pooklet's naturals, 20 of their unnaturals, 2 of their grays, and 4 unnatural colors of my own creation. Naturals and unnaturals are binned and familied, but the grays will show up in the custom bin. Hair is for F sims, all ages, and the mesh is included. Hair is retextured in a blend of Pooklet's V3 and Nouk's curls, an idea taken from Azaya b/c it makes hairs turn out really pretty.

Mesh: Alesso (Original), Martini (3t2 & Age Conversions)
Textures: Pooklet, Nouk.
Colors: Pooklet, Me.