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Yet another hair, entirely gutted and reconstructed in a shit ton of bright colors.

Come with me on a magical hair adventure. )
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I'm a little behind on my Alesso mega pack, but I do have a fulfilled request to share!

The hair's under here. )
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Hi guys! Yesterday I went on a retexturing spree because my game felt hair bereft. I did six Alesso hairs and managed to only mess up two of them! As a result, I have four hairs for anyone who wants them!

(Also wanted to say thanks to everyone and anyone who liked or complimented my skin set. This is just a general sweeping thanks because I can't social skills, but I really appreciate it all nonetheless. :D)

If you downloaded Alesso Destiny and the teen version of all the recolors is showing up wrong, please redownload! That should be fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Four Alesso hairs, now with 100% more lazy previews. )
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Heyo! I have another thing to share today. Perhaps you would like to see it?

A skin blend for the ts2-ers beyond the cut. )
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So I have another hair retexture for you today!

Also, a serious note on TS3 retextures
TS3 conversions are going to be a bit delayed on the next few hairs. I have not been playing TS3 as much and as I mentioned, TSRW will not stop crashing. When I get back into TS3, or if I feel adventurous before then, I will convert all my TS2 retextures and bulk post them here. Until then, I have a mega backlog (like 15?) of TS2 exclusive hairs I can go ahead and post, so let's start that off.

I can show you the hair, shining, shimmering, splendid. )
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And don't think I'd forget the TS3 players out there. However, the Sims 3 downloads may slow down a little, as TSRW is really beginning to irk me. Argh, random crashes.

TS3 version available beyond the cut. )
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Hello everyone! I've been kind of away for a few days because of family visiting and stuff like that, but I come bearing yet another hair I had stuck back in my folders.

Here's a hair for the TS2 players out there! )
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Hello everyone! Have you ever felt that your pseudo-pirate Sims were not quite fabulous enough? This download may be for you!

Arr mateys, click this cut to grab me booty. )
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Hi! It's hair time again. I'm slowly working up the courage to post some picture sets (I have a TS2 survivor challenge in the works and some TS3 silliness as well), but until then, have some unnatural recolors of Io's gorgeous retexture of Trapping's conversion of Modish Kitten's Shag Hair!

TS2 Recolors

(Pictured in Pooklet's Nitroglycerin. Additional Preview: Pyrodex.)

Available for F Sims, all ages. Comes in all of my normal colors (8 naturals included redundantly, for completion's sake). Swatch. Original mesh by Modish Kitten. Conversion by Trapping can be found here, Io's retexture/alpha edit and recolors can be found here, and a complete set of naturals can be found at Digital Angels' tumblr at the bottom of this page, in case you'd like more colors.

Credits: Modish Kitten (Original Mesh), Trapping (Conversion), Io (Retexture/Alpha Edit), Pooklet (Colors & Textures).

TS3 Conversion

(Pictured in Pooklet's Incendiary. Additional Previews: Fluorophore, Control, Hydrazine.)

I had to transfer Io's edit over to the original mesh, because it was fantabulous. Available for teen-elder and I enabled the mesh for M Sims (and I really wish it was that easy to do so for TS2, because look how majestic this friggin' hair is on Lucien, rocking the Hydrazine). Modish Kitten's original version is available here, in case you'd rather have that one.

Credits: Modish Kitten (Mesh), Io (Retexture/Alpha Edit), Pooklet (Colors & Textures), awT (adjust-shine action).
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Hello again! I have another hair retexture to share today, in an attempt to make my Dreamwidth a little less, um, empty.

Newsea Orange Nami has basically become one of my favorite hairs ever. It's versatile and very, very cute. And I believe it looks very nice in V3!


(F version, pictured in Pooklet's Brisance. Additional Previews: Powdercake (M), Hydrazine (F).)
(Using Sims with wings is a bad idea for previews, guys. I'm sorry.)

Hair is available for all ages and genders (thanks to Trapping!). I believe this version uses an alpha-edit by Almighty-Hat (her versions are available here (f) and here (m).) Comes in 30 colors (swatch!), naturals and unnaturals are binned and familied, grays are custom. (Colors that you do not want can be removed regardless of familying, as it should just treat the remaining colors as if they aren't familied!)

Download! (F)

Download! (M)
Credits: Newsea (Original Mesh), Trapping (All Ages & Gender Conversion), Almighty-Hat (Alpha-Edit), Pooklet (Colors & Textures).


(M version, pictured in Pooklet's HMX. Additional Previews: Torpex (F), Control, Child Age, Toddler Age.)

Hair is available for all ages and genders. This is the original TS3 mesh by Newsea, although I enabled all ages of the mesh for M Sims because this hair looks alright on them. This version does not utilize the TS2 alpha-edit, as the mesh is higher on the head and I thought the extra strands made it look more, um, natural at that height.

Download! (F&M)
Credits: Newsea (Mesh), Pooklet (Colors & Textures), awT (adjust-shine action).

I have three more retextures/recolors ready to go, so hopefully I can get those uploaded in the next few days or so. Furbyq out!
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Hello! I come bearing gifts for anyone daring enough to find my obscure corner of Dreamwidth!

Raon F67 is one of those older hair meshes that I really like. It's a little wonky in places, due to being an older mesh, but it looks a lot better with Pooklet's V3 than I thought it would!


(Pictured in Pooklet's Firework. Additional Previews: Blasting Agent, Grenade.)

Mesh is for F sims, all ages, and is included. It comes in 30 of Pooklet's colors (here's a swatch!) and is compressed. The unnatural colors are binned.

Credits: Raon (Mesh), Pooklet (Colors & Textures).


(Pictured in Pooklet's Tetryl and Molotov. Additional Previews: Torpex, Control.)

But I also play Sims 3 and I wondered if there was a version of this hair for that game. Raon never converted the hair, but I did find this conversion by TumTum and decided to slap my retexture onto that as well.

I'm not quite as experienced with retexturing hairs for TS3, but I thought this hair looked okay! It has a little bit of texture distortion compared to the TS2 version, even with an HQ mod, but I think that is just a combination of the mesh being slightly reshaped and TS3 just being kind of weird like that.

Mesh is enabled for F sims, ages teen through elder. Hair only comes in package form, is compressed, and the control is adjust shine.

Credits: Raon (Original Mesh), TumTum (Mesh Conversion), Pooklet (Colors & Textures), awT (adjust shine action).

Hopefully these are useful for some V3 lovers out there! I've done a lot of hairs like this and I'll share them as soon as I get my folders better sorted. Also let me know if I screwed anything up, as these are the first things I've shared and I didn't really know what I was doing while coding this post.
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As I am interested in Sims-related things, I thought I should post a few pictures of said game to commemorate said interest!

Here we go! )
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Currently around but prone to sudden hiatus due to ongoing illness in the family. Send me a PM on here or an ask on Tumblr if you require my assistance.

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